Mission of Senate District 50 (SD50)

SD50 is focused on serving the communities of Bloomington and Richfield thru the values of the Republican Party of Minnesota.

The Republican Party of Minnesota is the party of education, energy, security, civil rights, jobs, technology, innovation and hope.

Introducing the endorsed candidate for 50B!

Chad Anderson is our newly endorsed candidate for the State House of Representatives, District 50B! The convention kicked off with two well qualified candidates in Chad Anderson and Sanu Patel-Zellinger. They are both passionate conservatives with dynamic backgrounds, strong convictions,

You can make a difference…commission openings

You can make a difference in our city by serving on Commissions. See the links below for detailed information about openings, including a youth seat! The SunCurrent reports that the, Advisory Board of Health, Human Rights Commission, Parks, Arts and

Full Committee Meeting and Endorsing Convention

Representative Ann Lenczewski (D) has resigned. This has trigged HD50B to host a special endorsing convention and special election. Our SD50 Executive Committee has also scheduled a full committee meeting which incorporates our SD50 Executive Committee and Captain of each