SD50 By-Laws


Senate District 50 Republican Bylaws

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                                    ARTICLE 1:     DEFINITIONS


The terms and definitions used in the SD50 Bylaws will be the same as those stated in the Senate District 50 Republican Constitution, Article 1.


1.2.1-     The name of this BPOU is “Senate District 50 Republicans” (SD50).

1.2.2-    The name of the primary SD50 Republican committee shall be “The Senate District 50 Full Committee” (SD50-FC).

1.2.3-    The name of the SD50 executive committee shall be “The Senate District 50 Executive Committee” (SD50-EC).




2.1.1-    The business of the Republican Party in SD50 is primarily conducted by SD50 Conventions and two committees (the SD50-FC and SD50-EC).  The SD50-FC and SD50-EC are responsible for policy and operations of the Republican Party in SD50.  They are assisted by the sub-committees and appointees listed in 2.1.2, 2.1.3, and 2.1.4 below.

2.1.2-    Standing committees shall be:

     Constitution & Bylaws

     Convention Rules & Agenda

     Credentials & Registration

     Resolutions (Platform)

     Candidate Search & Nominations.

2.1.3-    Regular appointees may include: 

     Fundraising Chair

     Candidate and Campaign Coordinators

     Representatives to the Congressional District Three (CD-3) and Congressional District Five (CD-5) executive committees, and other Congressional District committees

     Information Systems Coordinator

     Media Coordinator – Online, Newspaper, Radio, Television, etc.

2.1.4-     Ad hoc committees and other appointees

In addition, there may be ad hoc committees and/or appointees as required to conduct the business of SD50.  Examples are the Fundraising Committee, Convention Parliamentarian, Convention Sergeant at Arms, Convention Chief Teller, Special Event Coordinator, etc.

2.1.5-    Representatives to higher Republican Party levels

SD50 Conventions also elect delegates and alternates to the Republican State Convention, the CD-3 and CD-5 Conventions, and the Republican State Central Committee.


2.2.1-    See Article 2, Section 2.3 of the SD50 Constitution.

2.2.2-    Precedence of policies, procedures, rules and authority shall be as follows:

     Minnesota Statute

     RPM Constitution and Bylaws

     Rulings of RPM state headquarters

     Congressional District Constitution and Bylaws

     SD50 Convention actions

     SD50 Constitution

     SD50 Bylaws

     SD50-FC actions

     SD50-EC actions

     SD50 Chair rulings and actions

     Other SD50 officers and committee actions

     Precinct Chair actions

     Precinct Delegate and Alternate participation

     Other SD50 Republican participation

2.2.3-    All actions at any level shall be in appropriate conformance to those rules and policies of a higher level of precedence.

2.2.4-    Actions of and participation by Republican office holders, candidates and nominees, and committee members fit into the above structure at appropriate places, and are expected to conform to Minnesota statute and Republican Party policy.


2.3.1-    The initial organization of the Senate District takes place by the election of precinct officers, and Senate District convention delegates and alternates at the first precinct caucus in the year of Minnesota reapportionment (for two year terms of office).  This is followed by the election of SD50 officers, SD50-FC members, and SD50-EC members at the first SD50 convention after reapportionment, for one year terms of office).  The initial convention of a successor Senate District after reapportionment is called by the RPM and organized by those carry-over resident officers from the prior geographic senate district(s) whose terms of office are completed as of the date of such initial convention according to RPM policy.

2.3.2-     Subsequent to initial organization after reapportionment, new precinct officers and SD50 convention delegates and alternates are elected at the precinct caucuses every even-numbered year according to Minnesota Statute.  The current SD50-EC together with the RPM calls a SD50 Convention to follow each such set of biennial precinct caucuses.  At this SD50 Convention, delegates and alternates to the Congressional District and State Conventions are elected and other business is conducted.  Except for the initial convention after reapportionment, new SD50 officers and SD50-FC and SD50-EC members are elected for two-year terms at a SD50 Convention in odd-numbered years.  Former SD50 officers and committee members serve until such elections, at which time the new officers and members of the    SD50-FC and SD50-EC immediately take office.

2.3.3-    This process continues until the next general Minnesota reapportionment.



3.1.1-   The SD50-FC is charged with the creation of policy for and the management of Republican Party affairs and programs within SD50. 

3.1.2-    The SD50-FC shall coordinate party affairs within SD50.

3.1.3     The SD50-FC will assist in the election of Republican Candidates to public office.


3.2.1-    To establish goals, objectives and priorities for the SD50-FC.

3.2.2-    To implement programs to meet the goals and objectives of the SD50-FC.

3.2.3-    To provide leadership for Republican activities and Republican organizations and groups within SD50.

3.2.4-    To organize or facilitate the organization of the Republican Party in SD50, HD50A, HD50B, and each precinct or other voting unit within SD50.


3.3.1-    To support and assist the campaigns and to elect Republican endorsed candidates for public office whose constituencies when elected will include residents of SD50.

3.3.2-    To administer the affairs of the Republican Party within SD50, and to execute its programs.

3.3.3-    To elect Congressional District Committee members according to the Congressional District Constitutions and Rules, if not already elected by a SD50 Convention.

3.3.4-     To aid Republican finance drives, and to conduct SD50 finance drives.

3.3.5-     To determine policy for the Republican Party in SD50, and to fairly represent the views of the Republican Party constituency of SD50 in planning Republican Party activities in SD50.


In the discharge of its duties and purposes, the SD50-FC may enter upon partnership arrangements, or cooperative or joint working agreements with other Republican Senate District or Republican groups, organizations, or campaigns as in the discretion and judgment of the SD50-FC are desirable and feasible.



The membership of the SD50-FC shall be composed of the following SD50 resident citizens who have been duly elected and/or appointed, all of whom shall be voting members of the SD50-FC except as noted:

4.1.1-    SD50-FC officers, and all other elected members of the SD50-EC.

4.1.2-    A maximum of two (2) precinct officers from each precinct as selected at the Republican precinct caucuses, and determined as described in 4.2.2 below.

4.1.3-    One representative from each Republican auxiliary group and youth affiliate as defined by the RPM Constitution.  These representatives shall be designated, in writing, by their group to the SD50 Chairs.

4.1.4-     Any endorsed Republican candidate residing within SD50 prior to the election for which endorsed, or their (non-voting) representatives.

4.1.5-     Any elected Republican official residing within SD50, or their (non-voting) representatives.

4.1.6-    Any Minnesota State, Congressional District or County Republican Party officers residing within SD50, or their (non-voting) representatives.

4.1.7-    Immediate past SD50 Chairs; defined as the last presiding chair either elected or appointed to fill the vacancy of the Chair, prior to the election or appointment of the current presiding chair from each House District (HD50A and HD50B).


4.2.1-    In conformity with the RPM Constitution, Article XI, Section 1.C, “members of the BPOU committee (SD50-FC) shall be elected at each BPOU convention held in odd-numbered years”. 

4.2.2-     The SD50 Chairs, Secretary, and Credentials & Registration Committee shall determine the names of the persons qualified to be members of the SD50-FC according to 4.1.1 through 4.1.7 above, and prepare a list of those persons to be presented for election at odd-numbered year SD50 Conventions.  Newly elected SD50 officers, other SD50-EC members, and endorsed candidates at odd-numbered year SD50 Conventions are automatically members of the SD50-FC, so their names do not need to be presented for election to the SD50-FC a second time.  Additional names may be nominated from the floor of the convention.  Newly elected or appointed persons qualified to be members of the SD50-FC according to 4.1.1 through 4.1.7 above, most notably precinct officers elected in even-numbered years, are automatically members of the SD50-EC, subject to ratification by any intervening SD50 Convention before the next odd-numbered year convention.

4.2.3-     A majority vote of the convention is required to elect a person to membership in the SD50-FC.

4.2.4-    There is no specific limit to the number of persons who are voting members of the SD50-FC.


The SD50-FC shall hold a minimum of two (2) meetings per calendar year.

        ARTICLE 5:       SD50 OFFICERS


5.1.1-    The officers of SD50 shall be two (2) Chairs, two (2) Deputy Chairs, a Secretary, and a Treasurer. 

5.1.2-    One each of the Chairs shall reside in HD50A and HD50B.  One each of the Deputy Chairs shall reside in HD50A and HD50B.


5.2.1-    A SD50 officer is elected for a two (2) year term at an odd-numbered year SD50 Convention by a majority vote of the last or final credentials report, whichever is larger.

5.2.2-     The Candidate Search & Nominations Committee shall interview candidates who present themselves to the committee, and shall report to the convention the one or several names that the committee finds to be suitable for each position.  The committee is charged to find, before the convention, at least one suitable candidate for each position, but the committee is not charged to recommend a single “best” candidate.  The committee is not required to report to the convention those candidates that it finds to be unsuitable. 

5.2.3-    The Candidate Search & Nominations Committee shall provide interview opportunities on the day of the convention, starting at least one-half hour before the opening of the convention, and continuing until all candidates who wish to be interviewed have been heard.

5.2.4-    Those candidates that the Candidate Search & Nominations Committee finds to be suitable are to be considered as nominated by the presentation of their names in the report of the committee to the convention.  The Candidate Search & Nominations Committee Chair shall report the findings of the committee for a single office to the convention immediately prior to the election for that office.

5.2.5-    Following the report of the Candidate Search & Nominations Committee, nominations for the position shall be open from the floor of the convention.  Any legal voter who is a Republican resident of the area (HD or SD) to be represented may be nominated.  Such nominations must be seconded.

5.2.6-    Each candidate for an officer’s position shall have the opportunity to briefly address the convention.  The Convention Rules shall set the time allowed for such speeches.

5.2.7-    The Convention Rules shall address the matter of candidate question periods.


5.3.1-     If there is a vacancy in the SD50 Chair position, then the Deputy Chair from that House District shall assume the position of Chair.

5.3.2-     If there is a vacancy in any officer position other than Chair, or if both the Chair and Deputy Chair positions from the same House District are vacant, then the position shall be temporarily filled by an election held by the SD50-EC, with notice to all SD50-EC members of the pending election at least seven (7) days prior to the meeting.

5.3.3-    At the next meeting of the SD50-FC, the election by the SD50-EC shall be ratified, or another person shall be elected to the previously vacant position.  Notice of such election shall be given to all SD50-FC members at least seven(7) days before the meeting.

5.3.4-    At the next SD50 Convention, unless it is an odd-numbered year convention with a regular officer election, the election by the SD50-FC shall be ratified, or another person shall be elected to the previously vacant position.  Notice of such election shall be given to all delegates and alternates with the Convention Call.  Election procedures shall follow the officer election process outlined in Section 5.2 above.

5.3.5-     In the event of temporary disability or absence of any SD50 officer, the SD50-EC, and then the

SD50-FC, at its next meeting, may elect a temporary replacement until the return of said officer.


The SD50 Chairs shall:

5.4.1-    Formulate policy in conjunction with the SD50-FC and SD50-EC to set forth the SD50 Republican party positions on issues affecting SD50.

5.4.2-    Take administrative responsibility for overall supervision and monitoring of broad goals, policy, specific objectives, and plans of action for SD50.

5.4.3-    Assure that all SD50-wide Republican programs, as determined by the SD50-FC and SD50-EC are carried out in an efficient, pleasant and productive manner.

5.4.4-    Develop programs and actions to promote Republican philosophy and candidates.

5.4.5-    Initiate volunteer training and development programs within SD50 to provide for a continual development and flow of talent, properly trained and experienced, to serve on party organizations and candidate or campaign teams.

5.4.6-    Schedule and organize SD50 meetings as called for in these Bylaws.

5.4.7-    Be or select the official spokesman for the Republican Party in SD50.

5.4.8-    Find suitable persons and appoint such persons to SD50 committees or positions subject to the advice and approval of the SD50-FC and SD50-EC.

5.4.9-    Represent SD50 at Congressional District meetings or conventions as required.


The SD50 Deputy Chairs shall:

5.5.1-    Assist the Chairs in the performance of their duties.

5.5.2-    Substitute for an absent Chair at SD50 Conventions, or at SD50-FC or SD50-EC meetings.

5.5.3-    Replace a Chair if the Chair office is vacated.  The Deputy Chair may only replace the Chair from the same House District.

5.5.4-    Perform other duties as assigned by the SD50 Chairs or the SD50-EC.


The SD50 Secretary shall:

5.6.1-    Record and keep minutes of SD50 Conventions, SD50-FC, and SD50-EC meetings.

5.6.2-    Keep a record of attendance at SD50-FC and SD50-EC meetings.

5.6.3-    Keep all SD50-FC, SD50-EC and sub-committee records and reports on file.

5.6.4-    Maintain and keep the membership rosters of the SD50-FC, SD50-EC, and the precinct delegates and alternates.

5.6.5-    Provide appropriate minutes, reports, and documents to SD50-FC and SD50-EC members.

5.6.6-    Assist in the preparation of calls and other paperwork required for SD50 Conventions or other meetings.

5.6.7-    Prepare SD50 official correspondence as required. 

5.6.8-    Maintain the SD50 correspondence and other files.

5.6.9-    Perform such other duties as are commonly assigned to the office.


The SD50 Treasurer shall:

5.7.1-    Be entrusted with the custody of all of the funds of the SD50-FC/SD50-EC.

5.7.2-    Keep a record of all accounts of SD50.

5.7.3-    Provide current Treasurer’s Reports at each SD50 Convention, and each SD50-FC and SD50-EC meeting.  Report SD50 financial status versus the current budget.

5.7.4-    Make and keep a record of reports as required by the State Board of Ethical Practices or its successor.

5.7.5-    Prepare and present a budget to the SD50-FC and SD50-EC.  Update and finalize the budget as revised by the SD50-FC and SD50-EC.

5.7.6-    Provide a copy of the completed SD50 budget to the CD-3 and CD-5 Finance Committees.

5.7.7-    Advise and assist the Fundraising Committee.

5.7.8-    Perform such other duties as are commonly assigned to the office.

5.7.9-    Expenditures exceeding $50.00 total per transaction shall be authorized by the SD50-EC.

5.7.10-  No expenditure that requires negative SD50 money or asset balances may be made without an express motion of the SD50-EC passed by a majority vote.

5.7.11-  A review of all SD50 accounts shall be conducted at least biennially or upon the election or appointment of a new Treasurer.

                            ARTICLE 6:       SD 50 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE  (SD50-EC)


The maximum number of voting SD50-EC members shall be eighteen (18) with no more than nine (9) from HD50A and no more than nine (9) from HD50B.  The voting and non-voting membership of the SD50-EC shall include the following SD50 resident Republican citizens who have been duly elected or appointed:

6.1.1-    All SD50 officers (voting members).

6.1.2-    As many at-large members as needed to complete each House District (HD50A and HD50B) delegation (referred to as Vice Chairs).  These persons shall be nominated and elected by an abbreviated form of the SD50 officer election process described in Section 5.2 above.  The Candidate Search & Nominations Committee is responsible to find and offer interviews to at least the twelve (12) required persons (the other spots are filled by the SD50 officers).  The Candidate Search & Nominations Committee reports the nominees as a group to the convention.  The number to be reported is not limited to twelve (12) persons.  Nominations of further candidates from the floor of the convention are to be accepted.  Brief introductions and statements are permitted by each candidate to the convention.  Election requires a majority vote from the convention, but barring objection from the floor of the convention, nominees may be elected as a group.  The Convention Rules shall address the details of the election of at-large members of the SD50-EC.

6.1.3-     The Chairs of the five (5) SD50 Standing Committees (ex-officio, non-voting if not already voting members of the SD50-EC.

6.1.4-     SD50 Fundraising Chair(s) during active service as fundraisers (ex-officio, non-voting if not already voting members of the SD50-EC.

6.1.5-     Any endorsed Republican residing within SD50 prior to the election for which endorsed, or their representatives, (ex-officio, non-voting).

6.1.6-     Any elected Republican official residing within SD50, or their representatives, (ex-officio,


6.1.7-    Any Minnesota State, Congressional District or County Republican Party officers residing within SD50, or their representatives, (ex-officio, non-voting).

6.1.8-     Ex-officio members are present at SD50-EC meeting as guests.  A presiding officer may take the SD50-EC into executive session at any time, whereby only voting members are present.

6.1.9-     Discussion and voting on a motion to provide SD50 funds to a candidate or a campaign must be held during SD50-EC executive session.


The SD50-EC shall have charge of the administration of the SD50 affairs, subject to the direction of the SD50-FC.  The SD50-EC duties are to:

6.2.1-     Coordinate the operation of the SD50 Republican Party.

6.2.2-     Fill SD50 officer and SD50-EC vacancies within thirty (30) days per Section 5.3 and 6.1.2 above.

6.2.3-    Consult and advise the precinct officers, and if precinct officers/delegates fail to fill vacancies within thirty (30) days, to appoint precinct officers to fill vacancies with the advice of the delegates of the involved precinct.

6.2.4-    Prepare a budget annually.  Submit this budget to the CD-3 and CD-5 Finance Committees.

6.2.5-    Assist in the selection and appointment of standing committees, ad-hoc committees and other SD50 appointments.  Assist and review the operations of SD50 committees and appointees.

6.2.6-    Coordinate and assist in the campaigns of endorsed Republican candidates.

6.2.7-    Assist the SD50 precinct organizations to recruit and train volunteers, block workers, and perform other Republican duties and service.

6.2.8-    Assist in the preparation for SD50 Conventions, including obtaining the convention site and other arrangements.

6.2.9-    Consider appointing special committees and/or representatives to joint committees to conduct County, Municipal, Judicial, or Special Conventions or other Republican meetings.

6.2.10-  Assist, plan, arrange, participate, and support Republican events.

6.2.11-  Plan, review, and organize SD50 Republican fundraising activities.


6.3.1-    No SD50-EC member shall hold an operational position on a candidate’s committee without first obtaining the consent of two-thirds (2/3) of the SD50-EC voting members.

6.3.2-    No member of the SD50-EC other than the Chairs may initiate statements or write to the media using his/her title or position as a means of identification without first obtaining the consent of two-thirds (2/3) of the SD50-EC voting members.

6.3.3-    Any SD50-EC member shall immediately resign if that member files for, is endorsed for, is appointed to, or is elected to any partisan elective public office.

6.3.4-    No SD50-EC member shall publicly support any candidate for Republican endorsement or primary election nomination for SD50 state senator or HD50A or HD50B state representative prior to Republican endorsement or primary election nomination.

6.3.5-    Subject to the RPM Constitution, Articles II and IV, no member of SD50-EC shall publicly support any candidate who is running against an endorsed Republican candidate.  This limitation is subject to common sense interpretation, e.g., the felonious conduct of a candidate.  The SD50-EC shall resolve all disputes of fact and interpretation relating to this issue and to limitation 6.3.4.  SD50-EC shall make no restriction of free speech or freedom of conscience on members of SD50-FC or SD50-EC.


The SD50-EC shall hold a minimum of six (6) meetings per calendar year.  A meeting may be held jointly with the SD50-FC.  It is expected that the SD50-EC will meet regularly, optimally bi-monthly.  The SD50- EC officers may meet with the HD50-FC members from each House District (HD50A and HD50B) in separate meetings held in the months between HD50-EC meetings, to be determined by the SD50-EC.

                             ARTICLE 7:       SD50 HOUSE DISTRICT ORGANIZATION


In conjunction with each properly called SD50 Convention, there may be held a convention, or caucus, of each SD50 House District (HD50A and HD50B).  In appropriate years, these caucuses shall consider endorsement for the Minnesota House of Representatives, the election of State and Congressional District delegates and alternates, the election of delegates to the State Central Committee, and such matters as may properly come before such convention or caucus.  All applicable rules of the SD50 Convention, of which the House District Convention is a caucus, shall be in effect.  In addition HD50A shall adhere to CD-3 and CD-5 rules, procedures, and allocations; and HD50B shall adhere to CD-3 rules, procedures, and allocations.


Special House District Conventions may be called by the SD50-EC or the RPM for endorsement of candidates for special elections for public office, or for other suitable purpose for business pertaining only to the subject House District.  Normal SD50 rules and procedures will pertain for such HD50A or HD50B Conventions.

                             ARTICLE 8:       SD50 PRECINCT ORGANIZATION


The officers of each precinct shall be at least one Chair (preferably two Co-Chairs), and such other officers as the precinct caucus may elect.


8.2.1-    It shall be the responsibility of the precinct officers to perfect the organization of the Republican Party for the precinct, to recruit and direct block workers, conduct training sessions, complete voter surveys, conduct voter registration programs, conduct authorized finance drives, to get out the Republican vote, to find Republican volunteers for Republican activities and campaigns, and to accomplish such other legitimate tasks as may be assigned to them by or through the SD50 organization, their Congressional District organization, or the RPM.

8.2.2-    Two persons (normally the top two precinct officers) represent the precinct on the SD50-FC.  If the top two precinct officers are unable to attend a meeting of the SD50-FC, they may designate substitutes in writing for a meeting of the SD50-FC.


8.3.1-    Vacancies in a precinct office shall occur upon death, resignation, or removal from office or as a resident of the precinct from which the officer was elected. 

8.3.1-     Action to fill such precinct officer vacancies shall be by a vote of the precinct delegates and alternates involved. 

8.3.2-     If no action is taken to fill precinct officer vacancies within thirty (30) days, such vacancies may be filled by the SD50-FC or SD50-EC.  A replacement must be a Republican resident of the subject precinct, and first a precinct delegate, then a precinct alternate, and then another precinct Republican.  However, no Republican resident of a precinct may serve as a delegate or alternate, nor vote at an SD50 Convention unless elected at a duly constituted precinct caucus.

8.3.4-     If a precinct delegate or alternate no longer resides in the precinct as a valid voter, then that delegate or alternate position remains vacant.  Precinct delegates and alternates are only elected at precinct caucuses.


Major duties of precinct delegates and alternates shall be to represent the Republican party voters of the precinct at legislative Senate District, legislative House District, County , Municipal, Judicial, and Special Conventions; and to assist with the general party work of the precinct, such as finance drives, phoning, literature distribution, and campaigning for endorsed Republican candidates.

                             ARTICLE 9:       CONVENTIONS


9.1.1-     Timing and Location

An annual SD50 Convention is held within a specific time period as designated by the RPM Executive Committee and the Congressional District Executive Committees.  The convention is held prior to both the annual CD-3 and CD-5 Conventions.  The specific time and place of the annual SD50 Convention is set by the SD50-EC.

9.1.2      HD50A and HD50B Sub-Caucuses

The SD50 Convention may be recessed so that the delegations may be divided into HD50A and HD50B caucuses for the purpose of conducting House District business such as endorsing a candidate for the Minnesota House of Representatives or selecting Republican State Central Committee representatives.


SD50 Conventions shall be composed of delegates and alternates elected at the most recent precinct caucus who still reside in the precinct from which elected, and who live in the current geographic bounds of SD50.


9.3.1-    The SD50-EC is responsible for selecting and obtaining convention site, issuing the call, organizing the convention, and supervising the work of the convention committees.

9.3.2-    The SD50 Chairs shall nominate members of the various convention committees and convention officials, subject to ratification by the SD50-EC, and subject to election by a prior SD50 Convention.

9.3.3-   Convention committees are Rules & Agenda, Credentials & Registration, Candidate Search & Nominations, and as appropriate, Resolutions (Platform), Constitution & Bylaws, etc.


9.4.1-     Special Conventions may be held at such time and for such purposes as an appropriate Executive Committee calling the convention may determine.  These Executive Committees include those of the RPM, CD-3, and CD-5; the SD50-EC; and the HD50A or HD50B sub-committees of the SD50-FC or SD50-EC.

9.4.2-    The SD50-FC and SD50-EC shall cooperate in the calling of, planning, organization, and participation in appropriate County, Municipal, Judicial and other Special Conventions.


A convention shall transact such business as is specified by the laws of Minnesota and in the Convention Call, and may transact such other business as is properly brought before the convention.  Certain matters must be properly included in the Convention Call.  These matters include, but are not limited to, endorsements for public office, any elections, any removals, any changes to the Constitution and/or Bylaws, and any major policy matters.


9.6.1-     Delegates and alternates to the State and Congressional District Conventions shall be elected at the SD50 Convention in even-numbered years.

9.6.2-     Delegates and alternates to the RPM State Central Committee shall be elected at the SD50 Convention in odd-numbered years.

9.6.3-     The SD50 Convention shall temporarily adjourn into the HD50A and HD50B caucuses for the purpose of the election of delegates and alternates.

9.6.4-     The number of delegate positions for HD50A and HD50B is set by the RPM.

9.6.5-     Nominations for delegates and (first and second) alternates may be made by the SD50 Chairs with the assistance of the Candidate Search & Nominations Committee, subject to ratification by the SD50-EC.

9.6.6-     Pre-printed ballots with the names of the nominees may be used only for the balloting for State and Congressional District Convention delegates and alternates.  There are no pre-printed ballots for any other election except for straw ballots or resolutions/platform ballots.


9.7.1-     Alternates to the State and Congressional District Conventions and the State Central Committee described in 9.6.1 and 9.6.2 above shall be assigned priority for seating according to the number of votes received during the ballot by which they are elected.  When additional ballots are necessary to select alternates, the alternates qualifying on an earlier ballot shall have priority over those elected on a subsequent ballot. 

9.7.2-     The SD50 Chairs shall seat the alternates according to the foregoing priority, but in the case of ties from the same delegation area and election, such alternates are seated at the discretion of the delegation chair (the SD50 Chair for HD50A or HD50B as appropriate, or designated representative). 

9.7.3-     If a delegate or higher priority alternate returns to the floor of the convention or committee meeting, that higher priority alternate shall be immediately seated, except after ballots have been handed out during an election, in which case the alternate shall be seated immediately following the voting for that ballot for that election.


All elections are to be held by secret ballot, unless the number of nominees is less than or equal to the number of positions to be filled, in which case a motion to cast a unanimous ballot is in order.  Any objection by a delegate or seated alternate to such a motion for a unanimous ballot causes the election to revert to a secret ballot.  No pre-printed ballots shall be used except as specified in Section 9.6.6 above.


The call for any convention shall be issued at least ten (10) days prior to the convention except for special election or post-primary endorsing conventions, in which cases the call shall be issued at least five (5) days prior to the convention.

                             ARTICLE 10:       PRECINCT CAUCUSES


Each election (even-numbered) year, a precinct caucus shall be held in each precinct for the purpose of electing precinct delegates and alternates to SD50 Conventions, and for such other purposes as may be stated within the call thereof in the manner as prescribed and required by Minnesota Statutes.  Precinct delegates and alternates also serve as such to County, Municipal, Judicial, and Special Conventions.  See Section 8.4 for additional responsibilities that the Republican Party expects the precinct delegates and alternates to fulfill.


Precinct caucuses shall be held at the regular polling place, or some other suitable, central location as authorized by the SD50-EC with the agreement of the local municipality.


10.3.1-  The number of delegates and alternates to be elected at each precinct caucus and the basis of their apportionment shall be determined by the SD50-EC, provided that such basis shall be uniform throughout SD50, and shall be based on the vote cast for the Republican candidate for Governor in the last preceding statewide election; or if such election were a presidential election, the vote cast for the Republican candidate for President. 

10.3.2-  Each precinct caucus shall rank its elected alternates in order of precedence.  If a precinct fails to rank its alternates, the SD50-EC shall determine the ranking by lot.


10.4.1-  Precinct delegates and alternates shall serve for a term of two (2) years. 

10.4.2-  A vacancy shall occur in a delegate or alternate position upon death, resignation, or removal from office or as a resident from the precinct from which the delegate or alternate was elected; or upon the failure of a precinct caucus from electing its full allotment of delegates and alternates.


10.5.1-  The names of the persons elected as precinct delegates, alternates, and officers shall be forwarded to the SD50-EC prior to the date specified by the SD50-EC.  Alternate rankings shall also be reported. 

10.5.2-  If such names are not forwarded, then the election process shall be deemed not complete, and

the SD50-EC may declare those precinct delegate, alternate, and officer positions as vacant.

                             ARTICLE 11:       SD50 STANDING COMMITTEES


Each SD50 standing committee shall have a designated chair, and a minimum of two other committee members.


11.2.1-  SD50 standing committee chairs and members shall be nominated by the SD50 Chairs with the advice and assistance of the current SD50 Candidate Search & Nominations Committee. 

11.2.2-  The nominations for standing committee chairs and members shall be approved by the SD50-EC.

11.2.3-  Following SD50-EC approval, such persons shall serve on the designated standing committee until the end of the next SD50 Convention.

11.2.4-  The number of members of each standing committee shall be set by the SD50-EC, unless the number is set by a motion passed at a SD50 Convention.

11.2.5-  At the next SD50 Convention following such appointment and approval, the standing committee chair and member positions will be ratified by the convention.  Additional nominations for positions as standing committee chair or member shall be accepted from the floor.  If there are more nominations than positions, a secret ballot shall be taken.

11.2.6-  Any vacancies on standing committees shall be filled in the manner described in

11.2.1 through 11.2.5 above.

                             ARTICLE 12:       GENERAL PROVISIONS


The rules contained in the most current edition of Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern all conventions and meetings of SD50 Republicans in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with the statutes of the State of Minnesota, the Constitution and Bylaws of the Republican Party of Minnesota, the Constitution and Bylaws of the applicable Congressional District, the Constitution and Bylaws of SD50, and for conventions, the Convention Rules.

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